Cough. Crash. Kill.

In April of last year, Whooping Cough sufferer Owen Davis tragically – but accidentally – drove over a car, carrying within it, three generations of a family: Great-granddaughter, granddaughter, and grandmother/grandfather. Mr Davis claims that one minute he was trying ‘to get a breath in,’ and continues to say the next thing he remembers is ‘peace and quiet.’

Now, I decided to write a post about this to inform with you of the absurdy of this incident. I’m literally revolted at the fact that a man with such a, somewhat, serious illness is allowed to drive any vehicle at all; let alone a 15 tonne lorry. Of course, I have nothing against Mr Davis personally, because it genuinely wasn’t his fault that he crushed a family, both literally and metaphorically. Though he showed much remorse by offering his condolences to the rest of the family, what’s done is done. And a family has been torn apart. So… Who is to blame?

The DVLA, obviously.

According to their rules, when applying for a Lorry or Bus license one must ‘complete…medical form D4. The D4 form has to be completed by a registered medical practitioner.’ According to that information, it is clear that, but for the DVLA failing to take away his license for the safety of himself, other road-users, and the general public, the family most likely would not have died – of such a nature – in April 2012.

As I clearly said before, I don’t blame Mr Davis…well not completely anyway, because at the end of the day, he should be smart enough to know that his condition makes him reckless every single time he gets into the lorry, and he did weep as he was told of the unfortunate encounter. Mr Davis was arrested under the suspicion of causing death by dangerous driving, but was acquitted after the medical report confirmed he suffers from ‘Whooping Cough.’

What do you think should should be done with him, though? Should he have to face jail time as he was reckless, though he didn’t intend on doing hurting anybody, let alone killing them? Should he have points added to his license, or shall the authorities simply revoke his license altogether? If it was up to you, what would you do?

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