Alone With My Thoughts.

I wrote this poem in February, when a friend of mine introduced me to a site similar to WordPress, only it was for poetry, instead of blogging: Deep Underground Poetry it’s called. I don’t quite remember what kind of mental and emotional state I was in at the time, and I certainly don’t remember what event conjured up these somewhat, dark thoughts, but it doesn’t sound good by the sounds of this (short) poem.


A beautiful, dark photo of somebody that is alone.

‘Me, myself and I the old cliche goes, but this time it’s literal
Being alone with my thoughts has become somewhat habitual.
Never mind me though, I’m fine, I’m strong, I’m cool
is what I’d tell you.

I lied.

I’m broken down, I’m weak, and I’m feeble.
Somebody save me from this predator I call my mind –
save me from the insanity I’m dealing with day after day,
I can’t bear it anymore,
Save me, help me, revive me.

Please don’t leave me alone with my thoughts.’

What I now realise is that I am never alone, no matter what. And neither are you, reader!

You Are Not Alone

You are never alone.


8 thoughts on “Alone With My Thoughts.

  1. Most definitely! Everybody undergoes trials and tribulations; but it’s all about bouncing back isn’t it! All of the troubles in life really flavour our character!

  2. This poem makes me think of the first day alone with my 2 day old son! I had post partum depression and I felt like a horrible mother. I cried many times hoping someone would come over so I didn’t have to be alone with my thoughts. A person’s mind can be evil!

    • I agree, the mind is a dangerous place…if we allow it to be. However, once we find the balance in our minds, then the stability of our lifestyle, and our character will be greatly affected (in a good way of course haha).

  3. This is a very attractive blog. Like the background colour. I think blogs just take time to evolve/develop, with growth coming, mainly, from interactivity. The blogosphere is huge but it’s a challenge to locate fresh, new blogs. I would not be visiting if I had not stopped at the wp page. Happy Blogging.

  4. That poem literally describes me at the moment. Keep up the good work! I like the the theme, it’s quite similar to mine but a bit more intense. It takes quite a while to work up a good fan-base (I’ve been stuck on 6 followers for a month), but to be honest I love blogging for those six people.

    • Yeah, now I’m just blogging and enjoying doing so, sure the followers are a benefit, but blogs are there to be expressive. Whether people read/like them or not!

      I’m glad you like the theme though, and oh we have similar themes? I will check your blog out now, and intense in a good or bad way? Lol. Thank you for the feedback.

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