‘Ask.fm’ Causes – 14 Year Old – Hannah Smith To End Her Life.

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‘The social media site Ask.fm – which allows you to send anonymous messages to another person – has caused 14 year old Hannah Smith from Leicester to commit suicide because of some abusive messages she was getting.’ was the first major news story I heard this morning (thanks to Capital FM’s Breakfast Show with Dan and Katy).

How do we all feel about the fact that such a petty social media site has caused such detrimental damage to a young girl, her family, and her friends? I dont know about you, reader, but that makes me sick.

Ask.fm has been a total nuisance since it first arrived on the social networking radar. Personally, I never used it much because I never really had anything to say to somebody that I didn’t have the guts to say to them face to face…unfortunately, not everybody has the same thought process as myself. However, some people lived on that site, and I hoenstly do not know why. It caused a lot of trouble for a lot of people that I know and it was literally like I was living in an episode of Sherlock Holmes, and a sociopathic murderer was on the loose; It wasn’t a great period to be in. I was constantly asked ‘Do you know who said this?’ Or, ‘Did you hear what [insert name] got asked on Ask.fm about me?’

But I never in a million years believed that anybody would take it as seriously as to take their own life because of it. Heck, I didn’t know that someone could be so horrible to even ask such -undisclosed – comments that could make her feel that bad about herself. So to that disgusting anonymous user, do you feel proud of what you’ve accomplished? You’ve desroyed a family, broken many friendships, and for what?

But hey, I guess you’re feeling pretty smug at the fact that nobody knows just who you are yet aren’t you? And you probably think you’ll get away with it don’t you? Well you know what, I hope you get found out and sent to jail. What you’ve done is unforgivable. You better bring this secret of yours to the grave with you; becuase anybody with a brain cell in their body would turn you in if you ever told them. Well I know I sure would anyway.

It’s such a shame that someone so young took her own life because of an anonymous imbecile. I didn’t know her, but I’m sure that she had a bright future ahead of her. I’m sure she had aspirations. I’m sure she had dreams, and goals. And somebody has taken that away from her. Should he/she (should their identity be revealed) be treated the same way a man or woman who’s committed Manslaughter, or Murder would? I wonder… I think so! I mean, it was pretty obvious that they wanted to ‘achieve’ something out of this.

Anyhow, thank goodness Hannah’s father is demanding the site be shut down. And I don’t blame him. It’s just a shame the poor man’s efforts probably won’t do any good. I mean, if we look at the amount of people that have killed themselves due to abusive messages on Facebook, for example. How many times has Mark Zuckerburg shut Facebook down? OH right… The answer to that would be none. Why, you ask? Because it makes him a ridiculous amount of money. Nevertheless, I do hope Hannah’s dad gets somewhere with this. So if he starts an E-Petition, you better believe I’m signing that!

Hmm. It is really upsetting knowing that such young people already are being killed off by other people; let alone finding out that young people are killing themselves. It really is a shame. Honestly. RIP Hannah Smith. You are loved.


4 thoughts on “‘Ask.fm’ Causes – 14 Year Old – Hannah Smith To End Her Life.

  1. I came across this story in the papers, and I was truly saddened. 😦
    This type of bullying is just awful, and her suicide bid to escape all that….it actually brought a tear to my eye. No one should have to go through this.
    No one. 😦

    • I totally agree. Suicide cases are generally sad to hear, but at the hands of cyber-bullying makes it so much more infuriating. The fact that people are out there doing as they please, causing people to feel that bad. It seriously is saddening.

  2. I can’t tell you how much I nodded my head to this post. I feel like social media is creating cyber monsters. They are everywhere- twitter, instagram, even in comments under articles and blog posts on the internet. People can be so mean.

    • Agreed. Social Media is becoming a nuisance recently. People on the internet are in a position of too much power. I mean, who did those guys think they were, bullying her like that? It makes me sick tbh with you.

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