Unnecessary English lessons?


^ So I’m skimming and scanning the contents page of my complimentary newspaper and I saw that.

I was genuinely shocked when I saw it purely because I don’t think I could disagree more. Contrary to what the article says (in a nutshell it’s about the technological age we’re in and how SMS language is, somewhat, nullifying the teaching of traditional uses of grammar and punctuation in schools), I strongly believe that the teaching of traditional English language is vital for any child living in the UK, whether they’re English or not, it’s just fundamentals.

I mean, I may sound old right now but writing in an SMS-type style on a job application, (or something of equal ‘importance’, the inverted commas because different people consider different things important) just isn’t going to get you the position is it?


Sad. But true, unfortunately.

So am I just being old-fashioned? What do you think? Has teaching English Language in a traditional manner become outdated in such an age as this?


2 thoughts on “Unnecessary English lessons?

  1. Learning how to use a language enables more clear communication. “Lol” equates to both “oh, that’s a little funny.” and “that story was hilarious and I’m grateful that you shared it. It made my day!”

    So “lol” is completely unclear communication thus poor communication. Jeepers, I’m glad you posted this!

    • Haha, love the contrast between the two ‘lol’ meanings; and you’re so correct! SMS language is way too unstable and ambiguous to take over the study of traditional English. I don’t know what this professor was thinking Peter!

      & no problem aha, I was as shocked as you are when I was reading the article!

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