Daniel Pelka, RIP.


I don’t believe that seriously smacking your child should be condoned, even if it’s just a cultural thing, I say it’s wrong no matter what the circumstance. So for Daniel’s parents to willingly abuse him is utterly unfathomable and I will never forgive them for their evil ways.

According to the reports they force-fed the poor child salt…yes salt. Can you imagine that, reader? Being fed spoons of salt? It makes me sick to the pit of my stomach. No child, heck, nobody at all deserves to be treated in such a manner.

It’s funny because this Daniel Pelka boy was mates with my baby cousin, and his mother (my cousin’s mum, that is) told me today that she even had him – Daniel – in her home to play with her son. And I felt so bad for my baby cousin, but I also respect him for the way he’s coped with such an unnatural cause of death. I don’t think I could handle any of my good friends dying in a natural way, let alone dying the way Daniel did. So for that little cuz, I salute you. You’ve coped very well.

Whilst my older cousin was telling me about times poor Daniel visited her home in Coventry, she explained, with actions, just how he acted when it came to food, which was scarce for him – and he ate it, according to her, in a very mouse-like manner. You know when they scurry for food in a dustbin for example, hurrying up to avoid getting swatted by the Oak broomstick – and without a doubt it made my heart skip a beat I was so shocked. Even as I’m writing this blog I can’t bear the thought of the way he was treated… I mean, how is one to react to something like this? Can you imagine how his non-abusive family must feel right now? My heart truly goes out to them.

Of course I don’t know all the ins and outs of the case and tbh I don’t really care. Those evil people got what they deserved. well, to a certain extent anyway; yes 30 years is a long time for anybody to go to jail for, but this case to me is different. I think it’s the involvement of an infant that really pisses me off, that could be it, but it’s something. This case just really gets to me.

Such a special relationship like the one Daniel should have had with his mother, and her partner to some degree, was badly stained. But I believe that some justice was done for Daniel.

Though unfortunately you’re dead Daniel, at least you’re no longer in any pain. I’m so sorry you couldn’t enjoy a much much much fuller life. Friends and family of Daniel (though I am neither), my deepest condolences… Rest in PEACE Daniel Pelka. You are loved.


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