Marriage (Same Sex Couples) Act 2013: Religious Protection.

Over the last few months there has been a major split in not only the Houses of Parliament, but the Country as a whole. A vast majority of the country and the Legistature were certainly pro-gay marriage; but some people weren’t so easily persuaded. I found out this morning that same-sex couples now have the Right to be married, with the first ceremony expected to be held in early 2014.

Other than the somewhat larger-than-life question: “Should homosexual persons be allowed to marry?” a large void continued to hover and scrutinise the (at-the-time) Same-Sex Marriage Bill, and that void was outraged at the alleged forcing of people of religious positions – priests and vicars, for example – to perform such a ceremony, against their will and religious beliefs.

Now, this isn’t a post to discuss my personal views on Same-Sex Marriage, it is only to provide you with facts of the new legislation that has had many of the country on their toes. And I can gladly say that this void has absolutely nothing to worry about because their religion is ‘safe’ from such [what they may consider to be] an abomination.

According to the Marriage (Same Sex couples) Act 2013 Section 2 (2a): ‘A person may not be compelled by any means (including by the enforcement of a contract or a stautory or other legal requirement) to conduct a relevant marriage, where the reason for the person not doing that thing is that the relevant marriage concerns a same sex couple.’

That is but one small detail to the Act, and for those who are more interested in any of the Religious Protections – or any other personal concern – you can go onto the offical Act and conduct your research at:


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