‘Young Lawyers call for Obama to close Guantanamo.’

For quite a while there has been lots of controversy regarding the running of, and the ‘procedures’ of the world ‘famous’ (and I use that term very loosely) Guatanamo Bay in the US. And well, usually my mindset towards the purgatory is pretty neutral, bad I know. I know it’s a bad place, and that the detainees aren’t being treated as they should be according to their Human Rights – but I guess for one to be locked up in such a place the authorities must not even see them as humans anyway – I’ve never really thought about it as in depth as I did today. I must tell you that I’ve never been as genuinely disgusted at the actions of this place…until today.

Right now you’re probably wondering where this is all even coming from…but do not worry, my source will be given at the end.

After reading an article provided by ‘The Lawyers Magazine’ this evening I’ve come to the understanding that officers in Guantanamo Bay have been force feeding…yes FORCE FEEDING Muslims during their – what I consider a very beautiful – 30 days of Ramadan. There is just no condoning such an inhumane act and something should be done about this as soon as possible.

Personally, if I was Barack Obama I would fire, and lock up, the officers. I don’t think there is a need for a trial because they blatantly did it. They had no reason to, they displayed no remorse, and they deserve punishment. However I would have to adhrere to the Rule of Law (as much as it would hurt me to do so in the given circumstance) and give them a fair trial.

Here is the link I promised you. You can now make your own judgement on what you think should be done: http://l2b.thelawyer.com/careers/pro-bono/young-lawyers-call-for-obama-to-close-guantanamo/3007565.article


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