How do you know when somebody trusts you?
How do you know when somebody relies on you?
How do you know when somebody loves you?

I’ll tell you how. The key sign to knowing whether an individual truly trusts and relies on you is NOT what everybody usually expects – for them to tell you their deepest, darkest secret. No. That is a total myth. I do not need to know your darkest secret, nor do you need to know mine in order for us to be the closest of friends… YES it will inevitably help you understand where they’re coming from, and their background. But it is not necessarily the key ingredient for the bond you desire.

Caution: A bond is something that cannot be made under false pretence. Faking a relationship will never work.

Do you really want to know how to determine whether you have a true bond with someone? Haha, well… You will KNOW that you have a true, special, unseperable bond with another individual once, and only once you’ve seen them at the (or one of the) lowest point of their lives.

Yes. That’s it. If another human being trusts you as they say they do, then it will be inevitable that you’ll see them at an unfathomably low point in their life. Just in case you didn’t already know: trust=love, if they trust you, it means they love you, and vice versa.

Recently I’ve had to really be there for a friend (more like a brother though, really) as he’s going through some really bad post-break up issues. Though some people, a small minority, would jump at the opportunity just to be able to know your business, I am not apart of that group. If anything I’m the opposite: I am honoured that a fr…brother would trust and love me enough to share such a sensitive time in his life with me, and want to vent to me until he can vent no more.

The key to maintaining such a rare and special bond is to be selfless, and though easier said than done, it must be done. A friendship, like any other relationship, requires BOTH parties to put the other above themselves, i.e. making time for one another, being there for one another no matter what your own circumstance; and not doing so expecting anything in return, although, the other person will most likely return the favour!

That is what I believe to be the epitome of a great bond.

Can you be that person?

Can you maintain such a bond?

Can you make new bonds?

Ha, I leave the answers to you. But just think about it.




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